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Welcome to www.everettrealestate.net. Homes, apartments,condos, houses, rentals, businesses, buildings, shops, stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, motels, kennels, bars, nightclubs, golf, land and lots. Recreational, investment, commercial, development, industrial, agricultural, retirement and residential property. Everett is found in Washington, Massachusetts, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Go to www.owntheworld.com, www.farmtheworld.net, or www.guidetheworld.com to see a large sample of real estate related websites that you may wish to advertise on. For more information go to www.globaladvertizing.com to find out how to place your own ad on any of our websites. When placing your own ad, be sure to write a descriptive and informational ad and include good photos. Be sure to place your phone number and email in the body text of the ad.
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